Both professional photographs and candid pictures captured in the phone are an important part of life. Photographs are the most special form of capturing and treasuring the memories and special moments of our lives. Photographs ensure that we do not forget the beauty of life and help us remember moments better because seeing a picture allows our brain to remember the day, occasion or incident. Photographs have are important for many reasons so below is a list of the importance of photography.

Family Heritage

Photographs create a link between the older generation and the new generation.

Family photography

helps us understand and recognize our ancestors and be proud of our family heritage. Displaying these photographs in our homes help establish a strong relationship with the past generation.


The main purpose of photographs is to capture special moments so basically viewing old photos help us relive those beautiful memories. It also allows people to share their memories with others who weren’t present at that moment or cannot remember it. The best example is in the case of baby photos. Every person wishes to see themselves when they were babies so a Perth baby photographer is capable of capturing the precious details of the new baby so that when the baby grows up he can view it and cherish the photographs.

Personal Development

Going through family albums or even a scrapbook with a collection of all the memories helps a person relive every special moment and feel better about himself. This is like therapy since the pictures assure the person of good times when he’s feeling down. Pictures of great past accomplishments help a person feel more confident with his abilities and makes him work harder in the future. Reliving the special past brings peace to the person and keeps him going with the hope to make more beautiful memories.

Strengthens Bond

Most people nowadays are too busy to spend time together with their families even though they love their family and consider them special. So photographs with the family allows every family member remember that they all stand together no matter what. It instils unity and strengthens the relationship they share with each other. Photos of the siblings playing together in the park, going on a picnic and all the other family memories makes a person realise that no matter what he has the support of his family.


Photographs of the people who have passed helps us remember them even if they aren’t with us anymore. It gives us peace and allows us to cherish each and every moment of our life before it’s too late.