Large scale events are truly becoming the norm nowadays! If you like the idea of coordinating with a large number of people and organizing sensational events, you can certainly consider becoming a professional event planner. The article below provides some tips and suggestions that will truly help you in your journey.

Become educated

First and foremost, you will have to study about event planning in order to become successful in the industry. Follow a course or get to know as much about the industry as you can on the internet. Your education and knowledge will truly carry you far in the industry. It will be easier for you to attract clients if you have educational qualifications too.


You have to have hands on experience in planning events. For this, you can opt to volunteer and offer your services for free to leading event planners in your region. You will be able to understand how events are planned, what activities need to be carried out and how much events of different scales and natures cost. This experience will help you immensely when you start a business.

Build a network of contacts

Get to know a good wedding photographer, a popular DJ, a leading makeup artist if you intend to become successful fast. Your contacts will help you get more and more business for sure. Be approachable at all times and try as much as you can to attend events that these professionals will be attending.

You will be able to use their services easily when you have good relationships with them and your clients will love you for the ease and convenience that you will be bringing to the process of the event planning. You must also have a general idea about the Perth wedding photographer prices as well as the rates of other professionals so you will be able to advise your clients well.

Promote yourself

Use an event portfolio that will help promote your services to prospective clients. Make a list of all the events that you have planned, include pictures and testimonials and make an elegant docket. Take this with you when you go to meet your clients so that they will be able to go through your work. You can also opt to create a website with details of your projects so that people will be able to browse through your success stories with ease.

An event planning business will surely have immense potential in the future as the industry is growing fast. So act today, and get yourself established in the field!